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Thank you for allowing me to teach you!

Remember to email me at with one positive and one thing that can be improved to get the full color pdf of the Matrix slides.

Here is the promised information:

Classmates excel file of names and emails (only)

Intake Forms

For your clients (this is too long for an introduction – it’s better for clients who have already made an appointment)

If you would like to embed on your site – I do not have my website on this. Here is the code:

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Gamut Point interview and pdf with article

I highly recommend learning Birth Reimprinting. Sharon is holding a webinar soon.

Interview with David Feinstein

Choice Point:

The Living Matrix Movie:

Messages from the Body (Author’s website) or Messages from the Body (Amazon)
I also recommend his Addictions Guide

Some Research

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT



ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

EFT Universe

Some background

Memory Reconsolidation



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