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Want to know more about Emotional Freedom Techniques and what it can do for you?

Are you looking for EFT tapping resources that have been proven to be effective?

Are you interested in learning how to use EFT tapping techniques to help yourself or others?

Do you already know EFT and want more advanced education?

Do you want to learn to use non-invasive tools like EFT for weight loss, anxiety, phobias, or other physical and emotional issues?

Do you find yourself wondering, “What is EFT tapping and how can it help me?”

You’re in the right place! The How To Tap training store is filled with inspiring and powerful resources for your personal health, happiness, wellbeing, and prosperity.

Jenny Rice“Thank you so much for all your videos; they have helped me tremendously. The EFT tapping videos and training you offer are invaluable. I have limited time to attend many workshops and I haven’t been able to find impactful videos online – until I found your library. Your library is very comprehensive and has so many levels of training from intro to advanced and more. I will continue to use and recommend your videos” – Jenny Rice, creator of EZ Tapping

Our EFT training material comes from some of the best practitioners, masters, and professionals in the world – now you can learn EFT tapping and other, effective, non-invasive techniques from the comfort of your own home.

At How to Tap, we’ve put together some of the best EFT tapping and learning resources available, all in one place. Click here to see what you can learn!

Here are just a few of the high quality, training resources available to you:


Cindy Kubica I’m 38 lbs lighter!
“For months I struggled with fatigue & pain, I was diagnosed with MS, fibromyalgia, & Hashimoto’s (thyroid disorder) and my weight skyrocketed. I ate a mostly raw an organic diet, took supplements, exercised & practiced various energy healing techniques, but I didn’t get the results I wanted. Then I worked with Karin & EFT/Matrix Reimprinting & cleared the core issues. My body immediately began responding & now I’m 38 lbs lighter & my body is healing. I feel incredible!”
– Cindy Kubica, International Speaker and Interview Host

Explore our valuable resources today, and learn from the best of the best!

Whether you’re simply interested in answering the question, “What is EFT tapping?“, are interested in self-help, or want to be or are already a practitioner helping others with these revolutionary techniques, we have the education and training resources that are right for you and your journey.

“I have to tell you that I absolutely love your realness and I’ve watched many videos on EFT and you are my favorite. When I tell people about EFT I tell them to watch you because I think they will relate to you. I am grateful that I found you and EFT. Sometimes it just feels like an energy exchange between yourself and me on the video. I seriously can feel actual shifts in my body. You’re amazing and I am grateful for the work you do. By the way… I have better results when watching a video and tapping than I do when I’m by myself tapping!” – Lisa Abreu

Learn from the privacy of your own home or from your computer. These DVDs, videos, and books on EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Meta-Health, Inner Repatterning and more will open and enhance your healing world.

Your journey to being the best you can be never ends – whether that be the best student, the best practitioner, or the simply the best version of you: Find out what you can learn today!

“I bought some of your fabulous DVDs……I must say that you have a definite gift. I have observed the tapping of many Masters… and although they are good, I wish they all had the personal touch you have. You go into a depth I have never seen before… I am suffering greatly from tons of things… and I think you can help me… As a matter of fact, my depression lifted after tapping with you and feel confident that as I tap along with your DVDS, that I can finally confront the other things…. I have not been able to do this with other folks – not to impugn anyone. They are all good …Just something about your unique warm VERY SAFE approach …..Hope I am not embarrassing you………You are a charming, warm lady with much insight and ability….Thanks, thanks, and thank you again and again….” – Joan Thornton

Still uncertain? Try these no-cost step-by-step EFT tapping videos for self-help.

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