Living with a Psychic

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Once every couple of years, my friend Sharon stops by. She stays about 10 days and sees people in-person and by Skype. She’s a psychic.. and a medium… and a medical intuitive… and a pretty powerful energy healer and a few other woowoo things. So what’s it like to live with a psychic? Why ask […]

Twelve Ways You Can Heal Yourself & Help Others Do the Same – It’s Free!

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Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit 2015: 12 Ways You Can Heal Yourself and Help Others to do the Same Whether you know about EFT or Tapping or any of the multitude of Energy Psychology methods, you will definitely want to check out this FREE online event. The Matrix Reimprinting EFT World Summit 2015 (October 19 […]

Case Study: Surgery Scheduled for Lower Back Pain

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Practitioner Question: Client has had major back pain: is due for disk replacement surgery but amazingly – nothing shows up in an MRI. What would you recommend for this? Surgery is scheduled for next month. Karin: Which disc? I mean where is the pain… lower/mid/upper/neck? And is the pain smack in the middle, or is […]

I thought EFT was FAST?! Why is it taking so LONG!?

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You see lots of my sessions on YouTube and in my DVDs where it only takes one session and POOF, all better.  Well, there are MANY issues that take LOTS more than one session. More here:  In this blog, Kari Reed Tumminia talks about her journey… which was definitely NOT a one-minute-wonder. And by […]

Tapping on Resistance

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Question: Can I tap on the resistance inside me? Karin’s Answer: Absolutely! Tap on all the points while saying all your feelings and add: you can’t make me she can’t make me they can’t make me he can’t make me I can’t make me nobody can make me until I’m good and ready and I’ll […]

Feeling stuck, uneasy and more? Maybe you’re being prepared for something great

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Feeling unmotivated? I have an amazing guest. For the last year I have been through heck… unmotivated, a fear ball in my stomach for no reason, mind swirling, throwing up, dizzy, feet burning and more TMI… I had no idea what was happening. And then it got worse… my husband even talked about wills. Finally […]

The Heart of The Matter

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This excerpt is from an article by Stephan A. Schwartz. Stephan is a contributor to the Explore Journal and is the editor of the daily web publication The Schwartzreport (, which concentrates on trends that will shape the future, an area of research he has been working in since the mid-1960s. Source: Explore: The Journal […]

Why Was Using EFT and MR for Cancer Faster than with Fibromyalgia

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This one question took quite a bit of time to answer thoroughly… including Meta-Medicine, German New Medicine, issue strings, chronic issues, how disease starts and how long healing can take – listen for yourself! Also on this show was using The Body Code and Emotion Code on hip pain. [Audio clip: view full post to […]

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