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Instructions to Use Tapping for Yourself

Are you interested in what EFT tapping can do for you? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a proven, non-invasive, effective method to address physical and emotional issues. Watch a free informational video to see what others are saying about EFT tapping, and let Karin Davidson personally guide you through step-by-step tapping techniques. Find everything you need to learn how to tap for yourself and start using these amazing self-help techniques immediately! Learn more

Learn more about EFT, Matrix Reimprinitng and other Alternative Healthcare Methods

Do you want to learn more about EFT, for yourself or in your practice helping others? The How to Tap Store is filled with inspiring resources for your personal health, wellbeing, and prosperity, as well as your continued professional development. Learn EFT tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Prenatal Reimprinting, Inner Repatterning, Ask & Receive, and other effective, non-invasive techniques from the comfort of your own home. Videos, books, digital downloads, tapping bears and more from some of the best practitioners, masters, and professionals in the world. Learn more

Want to Change Your Past for a Better Future?

Matrix Reimprinting, is being applauded and an amazingly effective and gentle method to release past trauma, emotional and physical issues, as well as helping you manifest your goals and dreams. Inherent in the Matrix Reimprinting process is the unique tool that clears adverse feelings, negative learnings and painful past events. By going back and actually helping your younger self through the negative event, in a new positive way you CAN actually change the foundations of your reactions to the world in a more positive, productive way. The “reimprinting” portion of Matrix Reimprinting, changes the mind’s, body’s, and spirit’s reference pictures to create a happier, more relaxed, healthier YOU! Learn more

EFT Tapping Certification and Mentorship

Would you like to become EFT certified through an expreinced and fun trainer and mentor? Karin Davidson is a certified trainer of trainers for EFT, the first Matrix Reimprinting certified trainer in the USA and a certified trainer for Advanced Clearing Energetics. She is an approved CE (continuing education) provider for NASW and NCBTMB. She is passionate about teaching others to be the best practitioners they can be - and empowering them to help the world. The oldest EFT certification body in the world recognizes her EFT Certification programs - AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) - and by Alternative and Complementary Healthcare Professionals - both of which utilize the original workshop guidelines developed by Gary Craig. Find out more about EFT Certification with Karin Davidson, including her qualifications, trainings, and mentorship programs. Learn more

Learn More About Personal Sessions with Karin

Karin has worked successfully with hundreds of people from all over the world, helping them use EFT tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, The Emotion Code/Body Code and other energy techniques to move mountains– the personal mountains that stop you from reaching your full potential. Experience all that these revolutionary techniques have to offer, and let Karin help you along your successful journey. Learn more

Can't Think of the Right EFT Words for YOU? is a free, EFT tapping program will find the words for you! Just type in your specific event or feeling, and upon hitting submit, wording for your EFT tapping rounds are displayed. This is an amazing self-help tool that can help you learn how to tap, build confidence in choosing the words to use in your own EFT work, help you start tapping when you’re too emotional to know where to begin, or even use as a homework-help to encourage your clients to tap in between sessions. Learn more

Meridian Tapping Techniques Association

The MTT website was founded to act as an expansive community that encompasses all meridian based therapies and interventions, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Matrix Reimprinting, and many others. It is a resource as well as a community. You can listen to free audios, download the free MTT manual and more. Learn more

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