Developing & Using Intuition with EFT (Video Download)


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"Deeply Interesting"

"Karin is a world class speaker"

"Karin blew me away. I learned a huge amount in a short time. I'm glad I took notes! I knew she would be good but not THAT good. The entire weekend would be worth it for her one talk alone!"

This is the presentation Karin Davidson, EFT AAMET Trainer and Level 3 Practitioner, gave for Intuition at the "EFT Gathering" in the UK and was voted Top 3 Presenters out of 18. She gives REAL instruction, examples and more.

So you've heard that EFT is a little "out there”? How about "knowing" what your client is feeling? Or "getting" exactly the right question to ask a client when they are stuck? How would you like to know what your husband REALLY means?! We all have "tuned in" at least once in our lives and usually more times. At least we ALL have thought of a friend and then the phone rings's that person!

Karin will not only give you various ways to develop this form of intuitive working, but help you apply it in your EFT sessions and in life. It's not as weird as it sounds. And it certainly creates a few funny stories along the way.

More response from those at the taping:

"Next event? Anything with Karin!"

"I would attend a weekend with Karin Davidson on any subject!"

"Requested events: Karin Davidson would undoubtedly lead a lively and fun group that I would find it hard to resist."

"Biggest attraction for a another event? Definitely Karin Davidson"

"I'm so glad Karin did the session on intuition and hopefully the penny dropped for people."

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