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When using EFT with a physical symptom the obvious place to start is with the pain. But what if there is no pain? Sometimes when people come to us with a physical symptom, they tell us how painful it has been but when you ask "on a scale from 0 to 10" - their response: "well it doesn't hurt just now". Or when someone has a painless condition with no visible symptoms? It was for these conditions that Gwyneth developed the Imagineering technique and then found it had many other applications.

From "Hi Everyone, In this 5 part series, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss from the UK brings a highly creative technique to our attention. It has very widespread uses ... particularly on physical issues. Hugs, Gary"

Each DVD is professionally recorded at actual demonstations of the Imagineering Technique. One filmed at an EFT Master Workshop in Denver and one at the UK Masterclass.

"I just want to say thanks for your inspiring teaching. You have a special way of taking out the hype which I love, i.e. pure simplicity for the client's benefit."

"Thanks for the EFT workshop, I'm now watching the your DVDs, they are fantastic, and are really consolidating what I learned with you. It's good to be able to watch you over and over and to remember your teaching and my experiences in the class"

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