EFT Masterclass UK - 12 Session Set


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Learn from 11 EFT Masters all in one set! Watch instruction and live demonstrations of the EFT Masters recorded LIVE. Click here to watch a video about this product and others.

Tap Along for GREAT Borrowing Benefits!

"Great borrowing benefits story...as you know, I've been procrastinating to use EFT more to accelerate my healing...so last night I joyfully popped in Ann Ross's "Procrastination" demonstration from the Masters set....a HUGE memory came up! The "Summary" box on a Kindergarten book report I was given freaked me out. The teacher just told us, "Summarize the story," without demonstrating what a summary is. So I kept thinking I had to retell the entire story with every detail in my own words, or else I would fail. I remember my 6 year old self being so overwhelmed wondering how I would retell an entire story in such a small box. What an overwhelming project!!!! Ever since then, small paperwork tasks FREAK me out to the point where I either turn away OR go above and beyond what's necessary and completely strain myself. When I began teaching 7th and 8th grade, I literally rewrote the entire curriculum for the classes I taught because I subconsciously thought, "This is the only way to teach that will be acceptable." ....which assisted greatly in driving my poor body into illness!! I could give you 100 more examples....So thank you!!! I am going to keep using the set to borrow these benefits...no more procrastinating!!!" - Claire Sharkey

  1. Ann Ross, EFT Master - EFT and Procrastination VIEW VIDEO (Buy the Single)
  2. Emma Roberts, EFT Master - Using EFT with Cancer VIEW VIDEO
  3. Gwyneth Moss, MA, EFT Master - EFT Imagineering VIEW VIDEO (Buy the Single)
  4. Paul Lynch, EFT Master - The Colour of Pain VIEW VIDEO (Buy the Single)
  5. Rue Hass, MA, CCHp, EFT Master - Using EFT for Believing in Yourself VIEW VIDEO
  6. Judy Byrne, EFT Master - Intro to EFT and Advanced Demonstrations (Buy the Single)
  7. Karl Dawson, EFT Master - The Route Back to Health with EFT VIEW VIDEO (Buy the Single)
  8. Sue Beer, EFT Master - Veronica's Migraines
  9. Tania A Prince, EFT Master - Irene's Fear of Water
  10. Dr. Inci Erkin, M.D, EFT Master - EFT and Serious Disease VIEW VIDEO
  11. Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master - Annie VIEW VIDEO
  12. Bonus Disc: Linda Wood - Using EFT Bears (with Mind Mirror Tracking)


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Also available from the UK Master Class:
How to Use Magic Buttons Bear.
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Singles of the above DVDs can be found by contacting the individual EFT Masters. CLICK HERE for email addresses.

Filmed at the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

EFT Masters are in front of the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley

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