Psychic & Aura Reading Workshop

Photo of Sharon BlauerHave you ever been curious about mediumship, the intuition and psychic phenomena: whether it’s real and if so, whether you had potential to become a psychic or medium yourself?

Full Day Psychic, Mediumistic Intuitive and Aura Reading Workshop. Free Group Healing for Workshop Participants!

Get answers to these questions in a safe, fun environment where you will get hands on training by a professional. Learn to also sense your own aura as well as those of others and in the field. improve upon your skills as a healing practitioner using aura reading.

During the aura reading part of the workshop, you will additionally learn to:

·         Sense your own aura as well as those of others

·         See the aura

·         Detect abnormalities in someone’s aura

·         Improve upon your skills as a healer using aura sensing (!)

·         Improve the overall health of the aura

Bonus! Free group healing for registered participants ($20 value)

Geordie Numata Holistic Healing Practitioner / Astrologer: “Sharon is one of the most competent, powerful and gifted healers I’ve even known. She is not only one my most trusted and valued go – to healers, but also a good friend and colleague who has partnered with me many times for my Vortex Healing group sessions. In addition to her command of many different healing modalities, Sharon is also a gifted and accomplished clairvoyant and medium. I am truly blessed to have her in my life!”

Ute Devika Meinel PhD – Management Consultant:  “Sharon is the most amazing healer I have met in my life and I have met some! What makes her so special is the rare ability to see your energy field, to sense your aura, to feel what your most pressing issues are.”

Rana Jalabi-Holdijk, Artist/Homeopath:  “I, as a trained Homeopath, recommend her highly as a healer. But also if you are a Homeopath or Herbalist, she has that amazing and unique gift of seeing the effect of the medicine on the patient before he or she takes it in. Just by holding it, it affects his or her aura and the different organs in the body and Shari can describe the impact of the remedies vividly and accurately.”

Join Us November 1
Location : Seagrave, Ontario (site location available upon registration)

And November 9
Location: Edgar Cayce A.R.E of New York
241 West 30th Street 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001

10am – 5pm
or 905-718-1126
Location : Seagrave, Ontario (will inform you of site location upon registration)

Tea, Coffee and Refresments along with morning and lunch snacks incl.
Please bring a light lunch

Hosted by: Transform With JLS
c/o Jessica Schell, EFT, Reiki II Practitioner, EAL Facilitator

Facilitated by: Sharon’s Sharmanic Alternatives
c/o Sharon Blauer. MA CH, Medical Inuitive, Multidisciplined Healer, Medium, Author

For more information visit:

“Therapists or friends may only see a partial picture of what you have been through. A good aura reader knows you inside and out and thus can relate to where exactly you are coming from. He or she believes that which is true, because we are trained to sense what is real from what is inaccurate, dishonest or simply the product of one’s imagination.”

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