SashaAllenbyMatrixTraining.rar includes:

  • 1-MatrixReimprinting.mp3
  • 2-MatrixMemoryReimprinting.mp3
  • 3-MatrixStressTraumaDiseaseCoreBeliefReimprinting.mp3
  • 4-MatrixBirthReimprinting-SharonKing.mp3
  • 5-MatrixReimprinting-MorphicFields.mp3
  • 6-MatrixPastLifeFutureSelfReimprinting.mp3
  • And the 6 corresponding handouts

THIS zip file contains the mp3’s for:

  • Sex in the Matrix
  • Why Matrix Reimprinting When you Have EFT
  • Matrix Reimprinting for Weightloss
  • Even Dr. Pat Carrington Isn’t Perfect
  • Lack of Motivation at the Gym

Sex in the Matrix

What are your feelings about hiding the salami, churning the butter, diving for pearls, getting your oil changed, doing the horizontal hula, parking the Plymouth in the love garage, putting the bee in the hive, putting the candle in the pumpkin, rolling in the hay, visiting the Netherlands, windsurfing on Mt. Baldy, or taking “old one-eye” to the optometrist?

Yes, sex can be fun(ny)! The humor you find inherent in it (or not) is likely to reflect what pictures you hold in the Matrix regarding your own sexual history. I know I was uncomfortable with some of those euphemisms…

Join me as I interview Sex in the Matrix specialist Alina Frank.

Why Matrix Reimprinting When you Have EFT

Welcome to our first Matrix Reimprinting show. Karin Davidson is the host of the show and you can find out more about her at

My first guest is Ann Adams, LCSW since 1974, former director of Gary Craig’s EFT Masters program, held various positions in a community mental health center for 26 years and was the director of a residential children’s program for 6 years. I choose her because many people wonder why we need Matrix Reimprinting if we have EFT. Here I offer Ann the doorway to ask whatever questions she wants about EFT versus Matrix Reimprinting – but also how the 2 techniques can work together to help ourselves and our clients.

Ann and I come from very different backgrounds so it promises to be a very interesting show.

You can find out more about Ann at

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced EFT technique develped by Karl Dawson that actually goes into the negative past memories and changes the picture – to literally transform that memory. This releases the root of the negative learning and emotions, which then changes our problematic reactions to our current life events.

Your host, Karin Davidson is an international speaker and trainer for EFT, Meridian Tapping Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Energy Healing techniques – for self help & for improving your skills in helping others.

Matrix Reimprinting for Weightloss

Do you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns of behavior over and over again?

The more you repeat the same behavior, the stronger it’s influence becomes over you, and the more the problem gets reinforced.

Simply deciding to make a change often doesn’t work.

Matrix Reimprinting is the new technique designed to help you to make a transformational change. It has been called “EFT on steroids.”

Join Dr. Carol Solomon and Matrix Reimprinting trainer Karin Davidson to explore how this new technique can help people who want to lose weight.

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC, is a Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner. She is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for weight loss. She is the author of How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT, the EFT Tips newsletter, the and the EFT Weight Loss CD.

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Even Dr. Pat Carrington Isn’t Perfect

Dr. Pat Carrington is well known in the Meditation field, the EFT field and more. You would think after all she’s been through and accomplished that she would be perfect by now… think again.

As much as Dr. Carrington has given the world and as much as she has done for others – it should be her turn, right? Things should be pretty smooth for someone this talented and intelligent. However, there are things that stop us all from enjoying life. But the good news is we have tools like Matrix Reimprinting to overcome stubborn obstacles.

Find out what Dr. Carrington is working on. AND I’ll be leading her through an actual Matrix Reimprinting session! |

And she has agreed to let me, Karin Davidson, ask the difficult questions. I, too, am looking forward to this interview!

Lack of Motivation at the Gym

As a jack-of-all-trades, where do you find solid ground? And how can something as out there as Matrix Reimprinting help find purpose? Matrix Reimprinting Expert and Trainer Karin Davidson interviews Greg Levernois.

Greg has been a construction worker, videographer, handyman, editor, shadow work facilitor (for goodness sakes), a regular guy and searching for personal growth since 1997 – and found Matrix Reimprinting and EFT. He recently attended Karin’s Matrix Reimprinting practitioner’s workshop and is using it for himself and in his men’s group.

Greg talks to us about his journey, learning, fears, successes and whatever else Karin can drag out of him… :-)

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