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Once every couple of years, my friend Sharon stops by. She stays about 10 days and sees people in-person and by Skype. She’s a psychic.. and a medium… and a medical intuitive… and a pretty powerful energy healer and a few other woowoo things.

So what’s it like to live with a psychic? Why ask that? Because there is a bit of weird fear people seem to generate when they find out what she does for a living. They get all uncomfortable in their own skin – at least that’s what it looks like. Dolphins can’t lie (whole TED talk on this) What would a society be like where you couldn’t lie or even hide your true feelings?!

So I figured I’d let you know what it’s like to live – even for 10 days – with a psychic:

  • When she looks at you while you’re talking, she sort of looks fuzzy at you.  Like when we normal people pay attention to peripheral vision? Your eyes get sort of not focused at anything in particular… That’s her. The more something matters to you, the more fuzzy she gets.
  • She asks questions out of the blue.  She’ll look at something and ask something seemingly simple like “where’d ya get that?” And it just HAPPENS to be something my grandmother gave me just before she died.
  • She’ll ask where I keep my oatmeal AS she is looking directly at the cabinet where it is.
  • Speaking of cabinets, she will open them, but not close them. I always know when Sharon has been in the kitchen.
  • When I’m having a difficult time with something (and I work from home usually so I don’t say anything out loud), Sharon will sort of appear and ask me something totally ridiculous that completely doesn’t matter and I’ll smile and tell her I’m fine.  And she walks away and surprisingly, I really AM fine now.
  • She points to an empty space on the floor and says “What used to be THERE?”
  • She knows when to shut up.  Now this is a good thing. Sometimes you want a roommate to leave you alone.  Not mean. Not negative. Just… space. Sharon can, without even realizing it, stop in the middle of a sentence and walk away.  Cause I’m feeling like I need to work here or I just don’t want to talk right now or etc. I don’t even realize I’m feeling that until she stops mid-sentence and leaves. And it’s not obvious or forced, she just looks like she forgot to do something and walks away.
  • She’s convenient. Hey Sharon, are these vitamins good for me? Yo, my stomach feels off, am I ok? I read that I’m not supposed to eat tomatoes, is that true? I was just thinking about my father (who passed), is there a reason? Hey, while you are standing there, what does my body need right now? So, should we watch this movie or this movie?
  • She’ll ask about the history of the surrounding yard as she is looking at it… weirdly. As though there is some invisible soldier standing there in full uniform and in not so great shape. (I live very near Valley Forge.)
  • She’ll stare at my cat and my cat will stare back at her – for like way too long.
  • I’ll suddenly feel like I should ask my guest if she’s hungry, or wants to go to the supermarket or wants to look at what to do touristy – and she says gee, thanks, I was just thinking that…..
  • She’ll stare off into space.. and that’s my favorite time to ask “What are you seeing?”  because the answers are always just so awesome.
  • Jokes have way too many layers.
  • As a side note, my husband ignores all of this.
  • She does sometimes start talking about the subject I’m thinking about.  Now , she is not “reading my mind”  She is picking up on the subject I’m thinking about.  See, I know this because I often do this as well. It’s just sort of conversation. If you have a cell phone, or have ever seen broadcast TV (before cable) or have listened to a radio station – I ask you, do you believe your thought waves just bounce around your skull and don’t get out? No, she’s not reading my mind but she IS paying attention to the broadcast that’s in the same room.  It would be impolite not to. And it’s not really on purpose.  Sort of like you hear the mower in your next door neighbor’s yard.
  • We’ll be out somewhere and someone will say something that we overhear, and we’ll just look at each other with the EXACT same knowing face.
  • Which brings me to the living with each other part. We respect each other’s space more than my husband and I do. Now I don’t mean that badly; my husband is a great guy.  But sometimes, he just doesn’t pay attention.  Sharon doesn’t have to pay attention because something inside her does it for her. So she finds herself sort of just NOT doing something or doing something she feels like what should be happening.  Based on the information floating around her. Good for me.  Great as a roommate.
  • Mostly we just ignore each other… until we don’t. Like night and day.

So while she’s here… take advantage of it. She really can help you – WHATEVER.  And she’s available after she leaves but it’s more difficult to book.

Want to know more about how this intuition stuff happens? Heart Math explains a lot.

So in a session – all she does gets very precise. She can see pretty much where ever you point her to. She’s good at looking into the layers of the psyche to see what the underlying cause is of an illness or issue is, what needs to be worked on, etc . for a resolution to occur… and she is equally good at minding her own fricken business in the areas you want that too.

So I hope you take advantage of her being here…..

In a session, you can ask questions like:

  • Why can’t I find my purpose?
  • What is the underlying emotional/mental/spiritual origin of this symptom?
  • How can I make more money?
  • Can you talk to my mother who just passed?
  • Why do I have IBS all the time?
  • Should I quit my job?
  • I’m thinking of leaving my spouse, is that a good thing?
  • Should I invest in my friend’s business?
  • Will I ever find my soulmate?
  • Will I ever be successful?
  • Is there something with my health?
  • Should I take this job offer?
  • Is this new guy/girl right for me?
  • Did we know each other in a past life?
  • Are there past life issues holding me back in this situation?
  • Can you help me with this pain?

You can book through or contact me at

Sharon is trained in:

  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression
  • Reflexology (yay, foot rub!)
  • Reiki
  • Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection (The latter modality happens once in a person’s lifetime, and requires 2 sessions, spaced 1 day apart)
  • Aura scanning for foods, medicines, supplements, essential oils
  • Aura Reading
  • Color and Sound healing sessions
  • The Journey
  •  Vortex Divine Energy Healing
  • Theta and Trance healing
  •  Quantum Lightweaving
  • Mediumship (animals, people, etc)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting

A Few Testimonials:

Sharon is the most amazing healer I have met in my life and I have met some! What makes her so special is the rare ability to see your energy field, to sense your aura, to feel what your most pressing issues are.”
Dr. Ute Devika Meinel

“There are few whom I hold as deep in regard or trust as unconditionally in their ability to help, understand and heal, and to evaluate my options for the best, without ever making that choice for me or trying to convince, or judge me. For me, she has been a key initiator in a process of self-discovery and spiritual development.”
Soraya Hoppe

“Sharon is one of the most competent, powerful and gifted healers I’ve even known…In addition to her command of many different healing modalities, Sharon is also a gifted and accomplished clairvoyant and medium. I am truly blessed to have her in my life!”

Geordie Numata 

“Sharon is especially gifted, sensitive, extremely well trained, ethical, multi-levelled and dedicated to truthful service. It is rare to find someone with all these qualities.”
Jennifer Carmen

My session with Sharon was absolutely incredible. Within minutes she was pinpointing physical and emotional issues, their origins, and enabling me to see how they are playing out presently in my life. The healing energy she utilizes is tangible, and Sharon also generously gives you the tools and means to empower yourself. Most of all, all of this is done in an accepting and nonjudgmental way. I left the session feeling as though I had shed 20 pounds of heavy, dark feelings. So many thanks to a beautiful being! I look forward to my next session.
Catherine Guy

My back pain caused me to leave work and prevented me from driving. A visit to Shari gave me enormous pain relief and equally importantly, a sense of equilibrium and peace. Many thanks. [Julia’s session was held in January, 2010. At of the time of her written testimonial (April, 2010) she continued to be “pain free” in her words, and shared plans to return to work in September.]
Julia McEvoy

Thanks for your most provocative and interesting input.  The integration of that info and impact continues profoundly.
Dr Todd Ovokaitys MD 
Affiliated with the Kryon group and renowned for his effective work with cancer, AIDS patients and spiritual evolutionary tools. The South African Journal of Natural Medicine wrote of Dr. Ovokaitys: “Doctors and professors of medicine…heralded his work as groundbreaking and worthy of a Nobel Prize.”

A healing session with Shari, apart from healing the pains and aches and diseases, triggers with me an out of body experience most of the time. I feel I am floating and out of space and time. A deep, deep relaxation comes with it and it lasts for a while after the treatment and a sense of well-being that one cannot describe and can only experience. I, as a trained Homeopath, recommend her highly as a healer. But also if you are a Homeopath or Herbalist, she has that amazing and unique gift of seeing the effect of the medicine on the patient before he or she takes it in. Just by holding it, it affects his or her aura and the different organs in the body and Shari can describe the impact of the remedies vividly and accurately.
Rana Jalabi-Holdijk

I was assured I deserved to feel better and heal when Sharon showed up in my life. She is an innate healer, with all the defaults that come along with that: clairvoyance, past life analysis, guidance to your purpose and most of all, genuine caring and infinite capacity of love. Taking that gift further by going through in depth studies only sharpened further and further her abilities. And teaching and guiding others to find the healer within and help them open the gates to their true selves and see their true reflection in a clear mirror makes her an undivided piece of that very reflection they see. I know that for whenever I have a clear glimpse of my essence and I zoom in and see it clearly, I regain the balance and I see her alongside me in the image. Sharon is what anyone really deserves when they intend they want to heal the layers that made them someone else that they created. She takes you through the gates of the foggy layers back to yourself.
Bayan Waleed Shadaideh

Much Support,


Cost (in-person or over skype/phone):

  •   $100 for an hour session (some book back to back for 2 hours)
  •   $65 for a half hour session
  • $200 for an hour session with both Karin and Sharon
Karin Davidson


Karin Davidson is a highly sought after speaker on using meridian tapping techniques for self help and helping others. She is certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki master, an EFT Trainer, the first Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the USA, co-founder of the Meridian Tapping Techniques Association and co-author of the EFT Levels Comprehensive Training Resource coursebooks. She has video taped and produced over 100 training DVDs for EFT, tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and many other energy healing modalities. Karin is known for her warmth, humor, and straight forward teaching style.

9 Responses

  1. Mary Charles Blakebrough says:

    Thank you, Karin, for the blog post above listing things we could inquire about. I would like to book an hour on Skype with Sharon and will contact you at email you listed. I live in Durham, North Carolina, and am working way too slowly on EFTU – EFT-INT certification with Alina Frank. I have Matrix Reimprinting certification through Rob Nelson last April.
    Mary Charles (named for both grandparents on one side of family)

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Karen. I actually live in Toronto and would love to see Sharon in person here. Can you provide her name and contact info please and thank you. I have been looking for someone local with this talents and know others who would also be very interested in working with her.

  3. Naomi Collins says:

    I live in Autralia, are healings and readings available via skype and if so how much in Australian dollars?

    Thanks so much

    Kind Regards


  4. susan santy says:

    I would love to have a back to back session with Sharon. Please let me know what days et times are available

    Thanks Susan

  5. Fran Soda says:

    I would like to book a session with Sharon for mid-back pain. Self-tested for cause. Got 20 years old. I was pregnant with my first child. In past life lost a baby. May all be nothing.

    Pain is recently improving. I am open to any help from Sharon.

    Thank you,

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