Healer’s Circle

His fiance is one of those women who runs up and down football stadium stairs… for fun! Usually she goes alone and the stadium is empty, but this time she brought a friend and there was a HS football team on the field practicing.

About half way through her workout though her friend excitedly rushed over to have her come watch something that was happening on the field. Turns out there was one boy on the team who clearly stood out from all the others as the team was running sprints from one end zone to the other.

He was short and overweight enough to be seriously laboring. In fact, everyone had finished running before he had even gotten to the 50 yardline.

And that’s when it happened…

This boy’s entire team gathered in a circle in the middle of the end zone and began cheering for him! It was unreal.

With every step he took the cheers got ratcheted up another notch.

When he finally crossed the goal line the team engulfed him like he’d scored a winning touchdown! Needless to say his fiance and friend were in tears.

Because just think how healing it must of been for that boy, who probably is constantly picked on for his weight, to be surrounded in such a loving circle of acceptance by his teammates.

Who wouldn’t want to have a supportive group of people like that in their lives?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a healing circle like that in your life too? I support you so very much, but I am just one person!

It started this week. The woman who told me about this and I met recently in New York, Adoley Odunton, will be bringing together 21 of the most brilliant and compassionate spiritual healers to help you heal your most formidable health, relationship and money challenges in a unique format called The Healer’s Circle…

Go here to sign up at no-cost https://uck89574.infusionsoft.com/go/mhc/karind

I’d be honored if you’d join us for this unprecedented (and free) 8 week series. Because this call is unlike any other spiritual gathering offered before online, with

… 75 minute healing sessions … No interviewer, just you and the healer … Mind Calming Meditations … Transformational Processes…Vibration Raising Activations … Energy Shifting Clearings …Paradigm Shifting Exercise … One on One Coaching

and, no, it’s not EFT or Matrix Reimprinting – but sometimes another modality can break through a plateau or a block – or just give us some terrific learning we can use in EFT and MR!

But that’s not all that makes the Healer’s Circle so unique. To help you hold your highest intention for healing through the 7 weeks there’ll be… 3 special intention calls. 1 at the beginning with the healers to help you open yourself to the fullest healing potential throughout the series.

1 half way through to keep you on track and

1 at the end to check in with the healers on your progress.

Plus, she will also have my team of Practitioners praying for you every day for 8 weeks. As well as a community Facebook page to connect with others, post your prayer requests and celebrate your breakthroughs.

If you could use a loving circle of friends to help you heal then join us now… https://uck89574.infusionsoft.com/go/mhc/karind

Much Support,


P.S. Oh, and one more thing… as soon as you sign up you’ll also instantly get some fabulous bonuses from the healers. Head on over there to check them out now: https://uck89574.infusionsoft.com/go/mhc/karind

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