Learn How to Tap for personal happiness, health, well-being and prosperity!
Karin tapping on the EFT (emotional freedom technique) Karate Chop point
"I developed this program to help YOU
find words to tap with."
Karin, AAMET EFT Trainer
and Level 3 Practitioner
This program is provided to help you find wording while doing EFT.
"When I look back upon my life, there will be a few people that hold a special place in my heart. Karin will be one of them. Her presence has the same effect on me as EFT, she soothes me immediately. Her natural warm magnetism draws people to her and her infectious laugh comes from her love for humanity. She exudes such calmness and clarity, and conveys her teaching to you in ways I can't explain, the ways that bring out the best you have. In essence, Karin makes you feel like God has tickled you under the chin." Paul Lynch, EFT Master, www.the-heart-centre.com

You can use either program
"This Feeling"
"This Thing that Happened"
to generate wording for your particular need.

Tapping Words Program: This Feeling - CLICK HERE

Tapping Words Program: This Thing that Happened - CLICK HERE

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