Class Bonuses

Here are your class bonuses.  Looking forward to helping you get your own clients!!! And becoming an even better practitioner!

  • Let me know if anyone wants Group Mentoring for certification.
  • Messages from the Body: (There is also an ipad version)
  • Mice Cancer Study (PDF)
  • Essential OilsHow To Order with Distributor Discount. Also you can find out A LOT at The best 2 for clients is Inner Child and Release. Valor and Stress Away is also very good. Valor is great to balance a client at the end of a session (and you can do it surrogately.) Please let me know if you become a distributor (even just for your own discount) so I can send you a bunch of great info. Another great article: EmotReleaseTechnique.pdf
  • Getting Certified (Please contact me individually so I can see your current experience and let you know “what’s left” to do.
  • Here is my client form. Also here is the disclaimer because you have to change the disclaimer to your name and then take a screen shot or save it as a jpg and put it in the form… this is so no one can claim they didn’t see something or that you added it later to the text. It’s a PICTURE so it can’t change. Also the last few questions are for my experience in German New Medicine/Meta-Medicine so you may want to take that out (unless you use Messages from the Body – that information is good for that as well.)
  • Practice Policies must be changed to yours.
  • Please think about signing up for Candidate Membership so you can choose various swap partners for your 50 sessions it’s new and will be putting much of the profit into advertising to the public so by the time you get certified you can upgrade to professional. Since advertising won’t start until there are more people, here’s your first 6 months free. MEMBER6MONTHSFREE discount code. If you are certified in ANY other modality, you can get the Professional membership for 6 months free too. All that is asked is that you contact me with any suggestions for the site to make it better.
  • Also if you would like any of the business services packages from where everything you need for your business is done FOR you (not just teach you to do it, but do it FOR you), you will get MUCH $$ off – contact me individually for that as well.
  • Gamut Point Guardian is attached – VERY important information – it explains the rare circumstances that EFT can be undone and how to insure it doesn’t happen.
  • Liability Insurance – a list is at the bottom of this page:
  • Class Powerpoint – Remember if you email me one thing you liked about the class and one thing that can be improved, I will send you the entire class powerpoint presentation as a full color pdf.  Also if I can you your comment for marketing (trying to let people know to come to a workshop or that I’m a good trainer or in-person is better than online or etc) please let me know if you want you initials, your name (and how) and your website.  I will give you a “back link” which means for web purposes it’s good for search engines because another site is linking to yours.
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