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Back to the Future, Biff, Karin, EFT, and Matrix (Really)

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In case you missed it, October 21st was Back to the Future Day– the date that Marty and Doc zapped into the future in Back to the Future– Part II. Like many others – okay, basically the entire Internet – I couldn’t help but want to share a couple of important points and one really […]

Living with a Psychic

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Once every couple of years, my friend Sharon stops by. She stays about 10 days and sees people in-person and by Skype. She’s a psychic.. and a medium… and a medical intuitive… and a pretty powerful energy healer and a few other woowoo things. So what’s it like to live with a psychic? Why ask […]

What do you say to nay-sayers especially when they are family?

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My friend Ann Adams was an administrator of a children’s mental hospital for over 25 years. She found EFT and used it with the children with great results.. even though it was “weird” – because it worked… Her family thinks it looks “unprofessional” so Ann said this (my story is at the end): Scientists thought […]

Teaching EFT to Psychics

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I’m teaching EFT Level 1 and Matrix Reimprinting in Marlton, NJ so I thought it would be nice to do an introduction class because few of them had heard of EFT (let alone Matrix.) What I didn’t realize was that the location was a pranic healing center. I can tell you that I’ve never been asked […]

Writing the EFT Level Training Books

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So I’m writing the “official” EFT Level 1 – 3 training coursebooks for EFT Universe and hopefully AAMET and other trainers… and I’m writing it with Ann Adams. She’s the director of the former EFT Masters program that she developed with the almighty Gary Craig himself. Hey, no disrespect to him meant, but for Pete’s […]

OK OK I’ll write a Blog!

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So I teach EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and I certify practitioners for AAMET. So I’m pretty serious about all this. However, I have a very crazy sense of humor too. Not sure I should write a blog cause I tend to tell the truth as I see it and I’m not exactly always reverent. I NEVER […]

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