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Even Dr. Pat Carrington Isn’t Perfect – Matrix Reimprinting

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Call in to speak with Pat and Karin (347) 215-6833 (Open to questions after the Matrix Session) Dr. Pat Carrington is well known in the Meditation field, the EFT field and more. You would think after all she’s been through and accomplished that she would be perfect by now… think again. As much as Dr. […]

Confessions of a Handyman

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As a jack-of-all-trades, where do you find solid ground? And how can something as out there as Matrix Reimprinting help find purpose? Matrix Reimprinting Expert and Trainer Karin Davidson interviews Greg Levernois. Greg has been a construction worker, videographer, handyman, editor, shadow work facilitor (for goodness sakes), a regular guy and searching for personal growth […]

Pick a Disease – We’ll Tell You What Trauma Caused It!

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Stress causes disease; we all know that. Did you know there is a method to precisely find what kind of trauma caused a particular disease? In this show you will find out how disease is created, how to diagnose the underlying problem and how to clear the issues – really. My guest is Forrest Samnik, […]

Sex In the Matrix

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What are your feelings about hiding the salami, churning the butter, diving for pearls, getting your oil changed, doing the horizontal hula, parking the Plymouth in the love garage, putting the bee in the hive, putting the candle in the pumpkin, rolling in the hay, visiting the Netherlands, windsurfing on Mt. Baldy, or taking “old […]

10 Great Things about Matrix Reimprinting

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How cool is this? Matrix Reimprinting creator Karl Dawson’s SISTER is an MR practitioner and trainer in Australia. Caroline Paulzen. Here she is talking about Matrix Reimprinting – very good information. (Gee, I wish MY brother would be a practitioner…….) [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Why Matrix Reimprinting When We Have EFT

Posted on: 21 Comments

Join Karin as she hosts the first episode in her international radio show “Matrix Reimprinting.” This first episode is “Why Matrix Reimprinting when you have EFT? Her guest is Ann Adams, director of Gary Craig’s former EFT Masters program. Karin┬áchose Ann because many people wonder why we need Matrix Reimprinting if we have EFT. Here […]

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