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The Elvis Presley Case Study

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One of the most important things we find as professionals is that the seemingly most insignificant events can create lifelong issues.  For me, it was Elvis Presley. Imagine this – My 15th birthday is coming up, and Elvis is going to be in Philadelphia ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I’m gonna die of excitement right here, before […]

10 Dangerous Truths about Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and EMFs (and an easy 3-minute protection that balances blood pressure as well)

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(Scroll down for the 3-minute solution) Today where our world is dramatically being run by technology, it is not surprising that teens and children are being exposed to different gadgets at a very early age. Not to mention how we all are bombarded with these signals 24/7 as adults. At a young age, our youth […]

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking to Your Body Helps You Heal

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Wade, T. (2015, November 15). Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking to Your Body Helps You Heal. Retrieved February 24, 2016, from Video of Backster’s work below article.   “Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.” These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within […]

The Answer is In Your Fingertips: Handling Your Sleep Transitioning Baby

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Learning proper sleep habits is a skill that is developed over time, particularly in babies and small children. The process of learning to sleep is one that can take a significant emotional and physical toll on both parent and child­ – in fact, a quick Google search will bring up pages and pages of results […]

Twelve Ways You Can Heal Yourself & Help Others Do the Same – It’s Free!

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Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit 2015: 12 Ways You Can Heal Yourself and Help Others to do the Same Whether you know about EFT or Tapping or any of the multitude of Energy Psychology methods, you will definitely want to check out this FREE online event. The Matrix Reimprinting EFT World Summit 2015 (October 19 […]

I thought EFT was FAST?! Why is it taking so LONG!?

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You see lots of my sessions on YouTube and in my DVDs where it only takes one session and POOF, all better.  Well, there are MANY issues that take LOTS more than one session. More here:  In this blog, Kari Reed Tumminia talks about her journey… which was definitely NOT a one-minute-wonder. And by […]

Tapping on Resistance

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Question: Can I tap on the resistance inside me? Karin’s Answer: Absolutely! Tap on all the points while saying all your feelings and add: you can’t make me she can’t make me they can’t make me he can’t make me I can’t make me nobody can make me until I’m good and ready and I’ll […]

Be careful of what you say you do! Here’s a nightmare story by an EFT Master

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Do You Have an Alternative Healing Practice? What I Discovered About How To Reduce Potential Legal Risks (A checklist—what I learned from my experience!) Rue Anne Hass EFT Founding Master Spiritual Life Path Coach IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not meant to be legal advice and is for educational purposes only. If you follow any of […]

Eye Positioning and Trauma

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Here is an interesting article if you want to add to your toolbox – Eye Positioning and Trauma ===== A really important piece has just been offered by Don Elium, who manages the BSFF email discussion list. Don is a brilliant student of the Energy Therapies and BSFF in particular. Through discoveries he and his […]

How long will it take? And 8 tips for EFT to work faster

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EFT works instantly. If you focus on the negative feeling and tap, the feeling will lesson. I use EFT daily; when the dog is barking next door for too long, when I get an upsetting email, when I’m worried about something or someone, when I’m waiting to hear a result of a test, when I’m […]

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