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The Elvis Presley Case Study

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One of the most important things we find as professionals is that the seemingly most insignificant events can create lifelong issues.  For me, it was Elvis Presley. Imagine this – My 15th birthday is coming up, and Elvis is going to be in Philadelphia ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I’m gonna die of excitement right here, before […]

“Talking” to Medication in the Body to Lessen Side Effects

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In my earlier days as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, I worked with a client who had struggled with depression. In addition to wanting to be free from the symptoms of the illness, she also complained of the many side effects of the antidepressants she took as a result. An approach that I realized […]

Dimensional & Remote Sessions: Does it Work? It Does!

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Dimensional and remote sessions, including Universal Source Energy, hold so much possibility for next-level clearing and results!  I’m so grateful to be able to help in all the ways that I can, and this type of remote work has opened up a new pathway to help even more people in profound ways. If you’ve been […]

Case Study: Surgery Scheduled for Lower Back Pain

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Practitioner Question: Client has had major back pain: is due for disk replacement surgery but amazingly – nothing shows up in an MRI. What would you recommend for this? Surgery is scheduled for next month. Karin: Which disc? I mean where is the pain… lower/mid/upper/neck? And is the pain smack in the middle, or is […]

The Heart of The Matter

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This excerpt is from an article by Stephan A. Schwartz. Stephan is a contributor to the Explore Journal and is the editor of the daily web publication The Schwartzreport (, which concentrates on trends that will shape the future, an area of research he has been working in since the mid-1960s. Source: Explore: The Journal […]

Am I doing it wrong?

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Am I doing it wrong? A bunch of EHOS at the same time? Going to the future BEFORE the past? What does all the murkiness mean? From a client:  “So I’ve let it sink in a couple days and I’m still just coming up with “wtf was that about”?  I am curious what your take […]

A Firefighter’s Story with PTSD

Posted on: 6 Comments

He saves lives – daily. He walks into burning buildings – daily. Or at least he did. After the last little 4 year old boy dying, anger was only the beginning. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plagued him to the point where he could no longer even look at his firefighting gear. Then he found EFT […]

A Spin on The Apex Effect

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I recently received this email from a former client: “Thanks for the work you have done with me. Can’t say exactly what have changed but there is a huge difference everywhere. You are wonderful; firm, responsive, quick, clear and a zillion other things that I can’t express without getting too emotional. – AND my mother […]


Posted on: 2 Comments

Yes, really. I was in Brazil teaching Level 2 and someone says, “Does EFT work with plants?” So I told this true story: I had an intern who didn’t believe AT ALL in this tapping crap. After working with me she finally believed – sort of. One day she says to me (because I have […]

EFT and the BIG stuff – Battling a Giant with little rocks

Posted on: 10 Comments

The psychiatrists said to her ” it’s Clinical Episodic Depression and by the way, you’ll never get over it.” This is from Kari – she hasn’t had an episode in years. It took her awhile cause she didn’t want to tap on her own, but she kept coming to me and we cleared it! Here’s […]

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