Back to the Future, Biff, Karin, EFT, and Matrix (Really)

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Marty must protect his father and stands up against the violent school bully Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen).

In case you missed it, October 21st was Back to the Future Day– the date that Marty and Doc zapped into the future in Back to the Future– Part II. Like many others – okay, basically the entire Internet – I couldn’t help but want to share a couple of important points and one really intimate point –  we are living in the future, and even if we don’t have flying cars (yet!), it’s still pretty cool and with Matrix we can go back to clear our future.. and we can go into the future to clear our now. But the biggest point is Biff. Back in the 80’s when the films were shot, I didn’t know about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, but doing what I do now, I think about  the relationship I had with the “bully” Biff.

Here are a few things you probably don’t know about Tom Wilson, the actor who played Biff in the movies:

  •  In the Back to the Future series, Tom not only played Biff Tannen, notorious bully and bad boy, but also Biff’s great grandfather Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen and Biff’s grandson, Griff – and in every movie, the Tannen characters end up covered in manure at least once.
  • With the rise in popularity of Back to the Future film series, many people began to ask Tom (aka Biff) questions about his experience making the movies. Because the questions were so repetitive, he wrote a song called “Biff’s Question Song” – now featured regularly in his stand-up routine. (And it’s really cute and funny!)
  • He played the tuba in the high school band and uses it in his comedy act.
  • and then there’s my relationship... Biff was my first boyfriend in high school and I was his first girlfriend…  That’s right – Tom Wilson (Biff) and I were high school sweethearts. In fact, here’s a picture I took of him while we were dating. (I still have that guitar.)

You might be wondering why I’m even telling you about Biff.  You’re probably thinking, “What does the bully from Back to the Future have to do with tapping?

Here’s the thing– in the movies, Biff was a bully to the extreme.  Most of the time, he was angry, mean, and nasty.  He was violent, aggressive, and called people “butthead” a lot.  He preyed on those who were weaker and smaller than he was – like Marty McFly.  but he was also often outsmarted, and often covered in manure– only serving to make him more angry and reactive.  But on the inside, he wasn’t. On the inside, he was Tom. A loving guy who played the guitar and really liked to make people laugh.

You might think of Biff as just the bully in a series of movies– in fact, when you hear “Back to the Future” you probably think first of Michael J Fox (Marty), but Biff was an important role– not just to the films, but because there’s an important lesson in Tom’s character.

You’ve probably encountered a few people in your life like Biff. But guess what? There’s a Tom inside of every Biff.

To help the Biffs of the world embrace their inner Tom, we have to meet them where they are and help them climb out of the manure that’s been dumped on them so they can see their inner worth and value.  Playing Biff is a strategy, a solution to a bigger problem because the Tom inside doesn’t know how to come out, doesn’t feel safe to be Tom, or doesn’t feel worthy of coming out.  We can use our love for Tom– even in the moments that are most Biff-like– to help us help even those notoriously difficult people. That’s how we can change the world!

And even better? Just like the movies, we CAN go back in time and change our past to get different results today – we can even help the Biffs we encounter do the same, and it’s called Matrix Reimprinting!

I didn’t know about tapping back when Tom (Biff) and I were dating, but I have gone back and used Matrix Reimprinting on our relationship after I learned it. It’s great for healing breakups!

It’s not just the victims we can help.. it’s also helping the Biff’s find their Tom….

Together we can change the world!

Get certified in EFT over the Internet with me here. Or come to one of my Matrix Reimprinting workshops and learn how you can go back and change your future– there’s one coming up in Novemeber!


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Karin Davidson


Karin Davidson is a highly sought after speaker on using meridian tapping techniques for self help and helping others. She is certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki master, an EFT Trainer, the first Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the USA, co-founder of the Meridian Tapping Techniques Association and co-author of the EFT Levels Comprehensive Training Resource coursebooks. She has video taped and produced over 100 training DVDs for EFT, tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and many other energy healing modalities. Karin is known for her warmth, humor, and straight forward teaching style.

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