2016 Toronto Matrix

It was so GREAT to spend time with all of you at this year’s Matrix workshop! Here are the resources and links that I promised to provide to you throughout the workshop.

Next Matrix Reimprinting workshop will be July 30 – August 1 at Fenwick Sanctuary in Maryland on the Potomac River (35 minutes outside of Washington D.C.). Discounts for repeating the Matrix course! Click here for more information.


Click Here to Visit Karin’s Blog

Matrix Reimprinting Certification

  • Go to www.matrixreimprinting.com and register on the website and pay the £99 practitioner subscription fee. You will then have access to the training videos (only visible if you login after paid.) The required videos have asterisks. Other videos are there for additional information and are updated often.
  • Take and pass the test on Matrix Reimprinting and the advanced videos HERE. (There is a $15 administration fee.) When you pass the test, there will be a link to your practitioner certificate (if you want to print or save it to your computer) and an email of passing will be sent to Matrix Reimprinting International so they can make your practitioner listing live on the website. You will need to have insurance (additional information on site).

Matrix Reimprinting Intro Video for Clients

To embed, copy and paste the following line: <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/UaJyP-yjPnk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Messages from the Body books (July sale)


Daily Mediation – with protection (And How EFT Can Be Undone!)

Shorter daily version: EFT Gathering Handout

The longer version with protection: PatRoblesHigherSelf&HelpingTheWorld

EFT Gathering full Powerpoint pdf: EFTGatheringKarinDavidson

Click here to read an article on why it’s possible for the results of EFT to be undone and what to do about it – by Grant McFetridge.  Radio Interview: www.TapTheGamut.com

How to Order Essential Oils + Other Essential Oil PDFs

Remember that I can order for you and you’ll get distributor pricing if you don’t want to sign up! Just email me with what you want and we’ll figure a time to enter your info over the phone or skype. There is a Canadian Young Living – when you get to the site, choose CA.

Wayne Cook’s Hookup

(Use an essential oil to protect from EMFs andbalancing blood pressure – I will be posting me doing this with Essential Oils soon)

Interview with David Feinstein, PhD.

Click here to listen to an Interview with David Feinstein, PhD
Karin asked David Feinstein if he would write a piece for the EFT Level One Training Manual on working with the subconscious mind. Because this is such a large topic, David wanted to first have a discussion with Karin. When the Living Energy Secrets broadcast came up, they got the idea that the audience might enjoy listening in on that discussion. So here it is, history in the making.

Karin’s Intake Forms

Client Intake, Events, Policies

Karin suggests the following books for more advanced work with souls:

It’s important that you read these in order.

Body Code

Karin doing a Body Code Session remotely.

Advanced Clearing Energetics

Karin does a remote session for a teenager. (2-part video – Part 1 is finding the traumas, Part 2 is clearing the traumas found)

email addresses:

Elizabeth Margaret Godson        margaret.myrddin@gmail.com

Jane Schnurr                               janeschnurr3@gmail.com

Janet Yordy                                 yordy@energyconnectiontherapies.com

Olga Lucia Salinas Gomez          olgasalinas65@yahoo.com

Richard Morden                          rmorden@gmail.com

Susan Spence                              dsspence@nexicom.net

Deborah Jelly                              debjelly@rogers.com

Sharon Spencer                           scspencer@powergate.ca

Susan Simmons                           simmons@bell.net

Carol Anne Baxter                      studio.glowyoga@gmail.com

Ann Singer                                   ajsinger@rogers.com

Catherine Taylor                         catherine@EFTSleepCoach.com

Charlene Savoie                          savoiec7@nb.sympatico.ca

Denise Cheverie                          deecheverie@hotmail.com

Julie Nadeau                               julie@julienadeaucoaching.com

Mona Meyer                               mona.meyer@gmx.net

Nancy Brooker                            brooker@rogers.com

Noha Hassan                               coca14@hotmail.com

Pilar Tomlinson                           pilar.tomlinson@sympatico.ca

Shelley Timoffee                         info@soulsease.com

Michelle Lorion                           Michellelorion@hotmail.com

Tina Antle                                    info@karunacounselling.ca

Melanie Tinianov                        melanie@mindbalancecoaching.com

Lynda Rees                                  Lynda@lyndarees.com

Lois Scott                                     tranquillois1950@gmail.com





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