10 Dangerous Truths about Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and EMFs (and an easy 3-minute protection that balances blood pressure as well)

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Today where our world is dramatically being run by technology, it is not surprising that teens and children are being exposed to different gadgets at a very early age. Not to mention how we all are bombarded with these signals 24/7 as adults. At a young age, our youth are experts in using gaming systems like tablets, smart phones and other wireless electronic devices. This might sound wonderful as these gadgets provide moments of learning as well as entertainment. But parents are too keen to make sure their kids have the best and latest gadgets in the market. Most fail to realize the harmful effects of continued exposure to these devices.

The biggest concern lies in the usage of Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity. In today’s generation, most of us know that rather than using cables or wires to connect to the Internet, radio frequency signals are being used. This is also known as electromagnetic radiation. Wireless is the new name of convenience. This has led to the unstoppable use of Wi-Fi in most homes, offices, schools restaurants, coffee shops and even public areas. Today, it’s quite difficult to spot a place without Wi-Fi.

However, studies are showing that this convenience comes with a cost. Based on various consecutive researches, Wi-Fi and cell phones bring real and significant dangers. What’s more alarming is, babies and children are the most vulnerable target at stake.

1 – Damaging to Fetal Development

Wi-Fi and cellular phones give off non-thermal radio frequency radiation. Too much exposure can delay or damage the kidney development of a developing fetus. Protein synthesis in the growing tissues of children and youth is being disrupted as well.

2 – Causes Impaired Memory

Electromagnetic radiation can alter neuron development. Because children are smaller, their skulls are thinner, thus they have more vulnerable brain tissues. Children who were exposed to these harmful frequencies often have impaired memory and they are more hyperactive.

3 – Increases the Risk of ADHD for Children

According to research, children’s brains absorb wireless frequencies and electromagnetic radiation twice as much adults brain do. This results to the deterioration of myelin which serves as the insulation sheath around nerves. This leads to an unhealthy nervous system. Kids who use cell phones for more than 5 minutes a day are of higher risk.

4 – Affects Cell Growth and Development

Have you ever had difficulty in sleeping? Is your phone placed next or close to your head? Radiation coming from Wi-Fi routers is being doubled by your cellular phone. Research suggests that too much electromagnetic radiation can lead to myelin breakdown, thus affecting the firing of neurons in the brain. Fetuses and children are the most vulnerable in this situation. Teens and adults who over exposed themselves by using cell phones are more likely at risk of cancer.

5 -Reduces Brain Function

4G radiations are claimed by various researches to have an effect on our concentration. Several people who were exposed to this type of radiation underwent experiments using MRI technology. Results showed reduced brain activity in several areas.

6 – Derails Brain Activity Especially in Females

Due to the drastic effects caused by Wi-Fi exposure to the developing children, concerns were also focused on healthy people at their prime. A group of volunteers were exposed in to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for almost an hour. Females had a noticeable change in brain activity and their energy levels had decreased.

7 – Causes DNA Fragmentation and Damage to Sperm

It was a common knowledge that heat generated by laptops can kill sperms. Now, it turns out that it isn’t the only thing men must be aware of. It was found out that Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement thus affecting a man’s virility.

8 – Affects Fertility

It doesn’t stop on sperms. Studies also suggest that wireless and electromagnetic field radiation can affect egg implantation. The frequency can damage DNA structure and it can result to abnormal pregnancy.

9 – Stimulates Cardiac Stress

If you’re living in an area that is surrounded by wireless networks, there’s a high chance that your heart races even without performing physical activities. At times like this, you are experiencing a physical response. Electromagnetic frequencies are the cause of this unusual beating of your heart. This feels similar to a reaction to stress.

10 – Heightens the Risk of Cancer

Do you put your cell phone in your bra? Maybe it’s time you stop that habit of yours. Though there are minimal reported cases of breast cancers that do not come with family history, electromagnetic radiation had been proven to increase the chance of tumor development.

It is undeniable how modern technology is making our lives much easier. However, we must not only think of today but rather we have to look at long term safety. Wi-Fi frequencies, electromagnetic radiation and all those latest gadgets are really great gifts to this generation. But given the possible damages it can bring to you and your children, it is high time we think of minimizing our actions and connections. Convenience does come with a cost, but if there is balance, and you do specific energy work, you can protect you and your family.

To find out what you can do to protect yourself and balance your blood pressure in only 3-minutes every morning, watch here:  https://youtu.be/4kZX9JXZwhg


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